However you look at it …
you’ll look your best with serva


With our website design team, we can showcase your business making sure you’re found easily with whatever device your prospective customers may be using

In excess of 63% of the internet is being viewed with a mobile device … so using our website design company
means that whatever they use; Apple iPhones, iPads, Android phones or Tablets, desktop or a laptop,
your site will look great

That’s over 100,256,900 mobile users & growing, in America alone … you can see it adds up.


So serva will not only make your new website mobile compatible and auto responsive, we’ll also make your business look great each time the website is visited

We’ll follow thesesimple steps

step 1
For a new
website, you need it
to be auto responsive,
this is also referred to as
mobile compatible
or mobile friendly

mobile compatible and website design through serva

so however you look at it …
you’ll look your best with serva

step 2
You need seo
‘search engine optimization’
so you’ll be found fast,
as there’s no point in
having a great site
& never be found!


step 3
Use a professional website
designer or developer such
as serva because it will
save time and money in
the long run.
Using serva, will ensure
your site is right first time,
up and running quickly,
& showcasing your products
to promote your business.

We would like to
show you:

Our portfolio

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We offer a range of options for mobile compatible website design, even monthly payments, so … get your website right first time!