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serva was given a free hand in the design of this small business website and for the first time we were in an out and out competition with Google placement from day one. serva had just finished the website for ODEH when Google approached them saying they could be at the top of the search results from day one, for a fee! As ODEH wanted to attract new clients they paid the $198 a month fee for the new site and their seo ranking but also kept our site.
If you were to check in the search Google search engines the $198 a month website sometimes appears 1st place, but when it does, the serva website along with facebook for ODEH appears 2nd, 3rd and 4th place in a search giving 13,500 results. You be the judge, what would you pay for (excluding the fact that in our opinion their $198 a month website is hideous). In our opinion that just shows how serva can get any site found without excessive fees!

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